Author: Simon Ginsberg

Simon Ginsberg
Simon Ginsberg

Early in my career as an attorney at big New York law firms, I loved working complex deals while tolerating the mundane.

We have great accounting software, document storage, document creation – you name it, it’s out there. Yet, we (founders and their attorneys) are still changing names, dates, signature blocks, emailing documents, getting faxed signature pages back and spending time putting things in folders. Years later, people still have trouble finding things.

At ContractHub, we are building a solution – a single portal to create documents without redundant inputs, have them signed, tracked, indexed, approved, and stored, in a fast, simple platform accessible across company departments. All at a price within reach of everyone.

An attorney’s -or founder’s- job is not (or should not be) filling in the blanks on templates. Now, attorneys can deliver their work directly to their clients on the platform. With documents streamlined for distribution, execution and storage, the process eliminates administrative waste, bringing attorneys and their clients one step closer to removing the boring, repetitive and mechanical, from their daily routines.

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